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We love wool.100% Natural fibers.
Our values.
Weneedle kit content.
100% merino wool from South Tyrol.
Shingo Sato, Tomoko Nakamichi & Cristobal Balenciaga: our inspiration.Make it look simple.
Simple patterns.
The values behind our kits
Made unique by you, using the highest quality fabric, which you will wear with pride.
As you’ll learn, when you’re involved in the construction process, you have the ability to customize the design to suit your size or style. As an added bonus, you will find moments of creativity, concentration and relaxation, that will make you turn away from doing your daily chores.
We hope our kits inspire you to create new designs that are very special to you, this allows you a growing independence from commercial offers.

If you enjoy the creative process, we guarantee that you will be happy with the results!
The values behind our kits
We have a far-reaching concept of quality; above all, to us it means sustainability with respect to our products, customers, suppliers and employees. We share our knowledge and passion with you. We make garments which are timeless and still please our customers season to season. We have created our kits with your satisfaction in mind.
Quality fashion produced in a sustainable way, made by you.
In this world of globalization and low fashion, we believe in the quality of the entire process, your learning with our tutorials, working with quality materials and the satisfaction of wearing a garment made by you.
This ensures that our concept of quality is fulfilled; fashion that is sustainable in terms of the statement it makes and a product quality.
Our Kits
Kits Content
You can choose your style, level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), size (check our SIZE GUIDE) and colour.
-FABRIC size is appropriate to the chosen model, with cutting positions clearly indicated on the pattern. There are two different weights 640 or 320 grams, which are perfect for our clean-edged coats and indoor jackets. Boiled wool does not crease. Garments can be refreshed by simply airing them. Boiled wool garments must be dry-cleaned.
-Our PATTERNS simplify the number of seams to make couture as simple as possible, with straight-forward instructions using step-by-step illustrations, making it easy even for beginners. The pattern pieces are drawn on the pattern in the same positions as they will be cut from the fabric.
-SCISSORS have been carefully selected for a clean and easy cut, they are included automatically in each kit to ensure a quality cut “al taglio vivo” (in subsequent orders scissors can be excluded). They have been made in Japan by Kai Group, since 1908.
In the city of Seki, for the past 800 years....”there lies a spirit called the nokaji (blacksmith), which drives craftsmen to put their hearts into every cutting tool they create..”
To maintain your scissors in good condition, it´s important to use them only for cutting fabric.
All the materials you need are included in the kit to complete your garment ready to wear.
The values behind our kits
Minimal Patterns
MINIMAL PATTERNS are the essence of WENEEDLE kits. All our knowledge in pattern making, geometry and design is linked to our concept: To simplify the number of seams needed to create a stylish garment.
Our genius converts a simple process into a sophisticated result, made by you.
We have developed the patterns and their instructions with care and rigour with straightforward step-by-step illustrations, making it easy even for beginners in needlework.
Weneedle patterns make couture as simple as possible.
Passionate about japanese pattern making, our inspiration comes from designers such as Shingo Sato, Tomoko Nakamichi and Cristobal Balenciaga; they make it look very simple: cut and join flat pieces of fabric to assemble a three-dimensional sculpture.
Each pattern comes in XS, S, M, L, XL (check our SIZE GUIDE), without the confusion of lines and seam allowances included. As most of our collection are outerwear, our patterns are loose fitting. For safety before cutting the fabric, compare pattern measurements with some of your garment measurements to insure the right size.
The values behind our kits
Nature’s Luxury
We adore fabrics that are 100% natural fibers and source them directly from the supplier. Natural fibers provide you with an un-paralleled comfort and your garments will endure the test of time.
Weneedle works with top quality mouliné boiled wool from superfine merino yarn, manufactured in Tyrol, it's main properties are elasticity, moisture, dirt resistance and unique warmth. Due to the knitted fabric and deliberate shrinking, the fabric does not fray, making it ideal for our clean-edged clothes.
Boiled wool is a natural product, it's manufactured requires only wool, water and little soap and it is made by pressing and kneading pure virgin wool knitted fabric in warm water.
We offer light- and heavy-weight qualities which can be worn indoors or outdoors.

Care instrucciones: Boiled wool garments should be dry-cleaned.
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The values behind our kits
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